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Lambing - a period of 5 to 9 weeks (variable); during March to May, during
this period restrictions and/or prohibitions are in place on most flying sites.


Fintry Hill's sites are most sensitive - see:
Lambing Restriction Map OPC photo and Schedule OPC photo.

In all areas not covered by the map, the general rules regarding lambing
must still be respected.


           Ochil Hill's sites are less sensitive - General Rules apply - for dates see: 'Schedule'!



In all cases, during this period:

   - Give livestock plenty of time to make their own arrangements.
   - Let them know you are there - rather than surprise them!
   - Do not scrape for lift, come away from the hill.
   - It is the noise and size of the wing above them that frighten livestock most!

   - If in doubt, err on the side of caution and give the farmers a wave.
   - Better, stop and chat if you see them out (which you probably will!).
   - Dogs are not allowed - Under any circumstance!


Should you have an Emergency Landing in a no-go area, please go explain to the farmer why it was necessary; please report the incident to the club, it allows us to keep a good relationship with the farmers and for all, the further use of the sites.





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Ochils Paragliding Sites

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