Myreton Hill and Craigh Leith

Myreton Hill


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Site ID: 104


CANP Code: 14.090

CANP OS Ref: NS 857 972     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.538N Long: 3.842W


T.Off: 380m - By the Cairn

 L.Z.: 15m - Fields along A91

Wind Rose


E - above 4000' (1216m)

- above 6000' (1824m)



Top Landing:



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - Lauch: NS 858 979

Base W - E:
      SW corner of Primary School Grounds
   - NS 850 965
      SE corner of Bounded Warehouses
   - NS 865 965

Landing Zone(s):

Menstrie Playing field: NS 851 968 [100m x 100m]
(Avoid when used for games)

Option A:
NE of village: NS 855 971 [120m x 120m]

Option B:
E of village: NS 862 969 [120m x 600m]

Option C:
Any fields without crop.



The yeast plant - to the west of the warehouses - generates a thermal recognisable by its smell.
When conditions permit - it is good start for climbs and possible long distance flying.


Meet & Carpark:

The meeting point is at the top (N) of School Lane (opposite Dumyat Centre).
Cars can usually be parked along School Lane - alternatively use the Dumyat Centre car-park.
No vehicles are allowed uphill on the track - we have currently lost access.



Access up hill is by the track to Jerah Farm.
Before the deer fence - preceding the First Inchna Burn - take right and follow the fence.
Avoid trampling over planted trees.
After a levelling of the way; proceed to the stone-wall ahead.
Keeping the wall on your right, follow it to a corner.
At the corner, it is necessary to negotiate the wall and wires to gain access to the cairn.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

During Lambing

Flying and landing clear from sheep livestock! [See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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