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Colsnaur (the Bowl)


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COLSNAUR (the Bowl)

CANP Code: 14.091

CANP OS Ref: NS 855 985     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.165N Long: 3.845W


T.Off: 400 to 500 - On the ridge

 L.Z.: None - Top-landing only
or fly out to Menstrie and use Myreton L.Z.

Wind Rose


E - above 4000' (1216m)

- above 6000' (1824m)



Top Landing: ONLY



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - W - The confluence of the
Second Inchna Burn and Menstrie Burn
   - NS 847 984

Base N - S:
      Colsnaur's Summit/Cairn
   - NS 861 993
      A point 400m SE of Myreton's cairn
   - NS 861 977

Landing Zone(s):

There is no formal L.Z. - top-landing only - see 'Notes'

In good conditions ONLY, it is possible to fly-out of the
hills and use Myreton's L.Z. along the A91 (alt. 15m).



Because of tree plantation at the foot of the hill - this site has lost its predominance.

It is still flyable with caution; landings limited to top-landings only on Colsnaur ridge
- or making it all the way to Menstrie / Alva passing either way of Myreton.


Meet & Carpark:

The meeting point is at the top (N) of School Lane (opposite Dumyat Centre).
Cars can usually be parked along School Lane - alternatively use the Dumyat Centre car-park.
No vehicles are allowed uphill on the track - we have lost access.



Access up hill is by the track to Jerah Farm.
After the deer fence - preceding the First Inchna Burn - the land has been changed by plantation.
You need to find your own way up the ridge as this has not been tried and formalised.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

Tree plantation at the foot of the hill - Top-landing only.

If flying out to the valey during Lambing: flying and landing clear from livestock!
[See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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