Bank Hill

Bank Hill (Dollar)


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CANP OS Ref: NS 960 985     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.168N Long: 3.676W


T.Off: 340m - By the Cairn

 L.Z.: 50m - Dollar Academy

Wind Rose


E - above 4000' (1216m)

- above 6000' (1824m)



Top Landing:



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - W - Where two walls cross: NS 946 988

Base N - S:
      Eastern footbridge over the
      Burn of Sorrow NTS grounds
   - NS 959 995
      Junction A91/B913
   - NS 959 979

Landing Zone(s):

Academy Playing field: NS 958 982 [120m x 200m]
Private Grounds
(Avoid when used for games)

Smaller playing field to the west [80m x 100m].

Amongst the park-land to the east.



Within the grounds of Dollar Academy you are on private grounds; please be courteous and respectful.


Meet & Carpark:

If you have at least two cars - the best is to meet at the parking area along the Academy's playing fields (LZ) - (on the right driving up Mylne Av. from A91; just after Thornbank Rd.) - then take the minimum of cars up to Castle Campbell parking areas (follow signs). There are two of such - the main one, on the right, at about alt. 150m; with a smaller 'relief' one further up the road at alt. 200m.



From the upper parking area, walk the road towards the Castle; just before turning south to the castle, take a vague track on the right leading to the Burn of Sorrow (Dollar Glen) to meet with the glen's walking amenities. Take this (right) to go up the glen and cross the burn on a footbridge. You find on your right a gate and track leading west, up hill; becoming wide, often boggy, it leads easily to the summit of Bank Hill.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

During Lambing

Flying and landing clear from sheep livestock! [See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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