Lees Hill and Buckies NW

Buckies (NW) / Lees Hill


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CANP Code: 16.079

CANP OS Ref: NS 650 910     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.093N Long: 4.171W


T.Off: 380 to 400m - Along the track

 L.Z.: 170m - South of Easter Glinns Farm

Wind Rose


  D - above 3000' (910m)

up to 2km from the front of the hill range; then:

E - above 4000' (1216m)

- above 6000' (1824m)


Top Landing:



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - W - 600m due E of Mains of Glinn: NS 640 910

Base S - N:
      Track by the Spout of Ballochlean
   - NS 654 900
      Track 400m due E of Easter Glinns
   - NS 654 915

Landing Zone(s):

In fields South of Easter Glinns Farm.
Please do not over-fly the farm to land near the cars.



Be careful of the fence.


Meet & Carpark:

Park carefully along Glinn Road (North side) - by the farm track to Easter Glinns - mind the ditches!



Walk the track to the farm and follow it up hill; cross the burn where possible; join the next track up, until a track on your left take you north to the ridge. Launches can be selected as you go.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

Please do not over-fly the farm to try to land near the cars.

During Lambing

Sensitive site - Enforcement in place! [See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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Ochils Paragliding Sites

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