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Buckies (NE)


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CANP Code: 16.078

CANP OS Ref: NS 650 910     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.093N Long: 4.171W


T.Off: 380 to 420m - Along the ridge

 L.Z.: 170m - South of Easter Glinns Farm

Wind Rose


  D - above 3000' (910m)

up to 2km from the front of the hill range; then:

E - above 4000' (1216m)

- above 6000' (1824m)


Top Landing:



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - W - 600m due E of Mains of Glinn: NS 640 910

Base S - N:
      Track by the Spout of Ballochlean
   - NS 654 900
      Track 400m due E of Easter Glinns
   - NS 654 915

Landing Zone(s):

In fields South of Easter Glinns Farm.
Please do not over-fly the farm to land near the cars.





Meet & Carpark:

Park carefully along Glinn Road (North side) - by the farm track to Easter Glinns - mind the ditches!



Walk the track to the farm and follow it up hill; cross the burn where possible; join the next track up, after the Spout of Ballochlean take right to cross the Boquhan Burn then make for the ridge. Launches can be selected as you go, up to the summit.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

Please do not over-fly the farm to try to land near the cars.

During Lambing

Sensitive site - Enforcement in place! [See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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Ochils Paragliding Sites

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