Double Craigs

Double Craigs / Stronend (W face)


Ochils Paragliding Sites


Site ID: 97


CANP Code: 16.077

CANP OS Ref: NS 620 880     map

GPS(WGS84): Lat: 56.065N Long: 4.217W


T.Off: 450-480m - On ridge

 L.Z.: 100m - Along B822 or Glinns Roadtrack

Wind Rose


  D - above 3000' (910m)



Top Landing:



Rescue Triangle:

Apex - N - Skiddaw: NS 620 890

Base W - E:
      Knockraich Lodge
   - NS 611 875
      Eastern face of wood
   - NS 627 875

Landing Zone(s):

There are plenty of landings possibilities in fields in the valley; avoid crops and livestock.



Soaring site ONLY - Glasgow ATZ within 1.5km SW of face.


Meet & Carpark:

Rarely flown, this site is best reached from Culcreuch Castle Hotel. The owner is happy you use the car-park providing there is space; please phone in advance to check: 01360 860 555. To return the favour, the public bar does great meals, let them know you are pilots and thanks them.



The obvious route is the track that zig-zags up behind the hotel; head up to the top of the hill for launch.


Restrictions and Prohibitions:

During Lambing

Flying and landing Enforcement in place! [See: Lambing Restrictions.]


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Ochils Paragliding Sites

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